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Integrative education

Integrative education not only teaches us mutual tolerance and acceptance, but also helps to break some stereotypes and barriers.

The idea of creating integrative classes in our school was first expressed in the school year 2005/2006. From that point our teaching staff along with the headmistress herself started to develop the idea. As a result, the first integrative class in our school was established in 2006 and we have been continually providing this opportunity to our students since then.

The idea of an integrative class is to enable both abled and disabled students attend the same class, whereas the disabled ones may suffer from Asperger’s syndrome, autism, movement difficulties, behavioural disorders and many more. Spending time together teaches our students to accept and respect one another.

An average integrative class numbers from 15 to 20 pupils, including 3-5 students with special educational needs. Two teachers work with such a class: the main teacher and an assistant – usually a special pedagogy specialist. Their aim is to educate students according to public school standards as well as to support those with specific educational needs to fulfil the standards to an individual extent.

Our students can benefit from:

·        revalidation classes,

·        close supervision by specialists in oligophrenopedagody, typhlopedagogy as well as the school psychologist,

·        therapeutic classes carried out according to “You are not alone” curriculum prepared by our special education experts.

To spread the idea of integration in our local community, we organise annual Interschool Olympics of Integrative Classes, during which students learn how to compete in a friendly atmosphere.